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Job title Requirements Work experience Number of
Age Wages
Foreign trade clerk

    1.Language skills, with strong oral interpretation and written translation ability, mechanical equipment translation experience preferred

    2.Be familiar with computer office software operation

    3.Love the translation work, earnestly, has the sense of responsibility, team spirit

    4.Customer management experience, for the sale of sensitive, diligent in thinking and analysis of the problem, has the good communication ability, strain capacity over the University of specialist qualifications

1-3 years 10 22-45 Negotiable
Mechanical designer

1.Bachelor degree or above, mechanical or mechatronics major

2.Proficient in mechanical design and manufacturing process, familiar with the use of CAD or 3D design software

3.A crusher, sand making machine and other mechanical design experience is preferred

4.Has the good team cooperation ability, rigorous and meticulous, hardworking

1-3 years 5 20-50 Negotiable
Mechanical Engineering Technician

1.Bachelor's degree or above, mechanical and electrical integration or related mechanical and electrical design, master CAD cartography adroitly

2.Has certain English level, physical health

3.One year above work experience in engineering and mining machinery designers preferred

1-3 years 5 20-50 Negotiable
Sales Representative

1.Good expression and communication, with strong service consciousness

2.Degree or above, marketing and other related professionals

3.Outgoing personality, quick response, good ability of expression, has the strong communication ability and communication skills, have affinity

4.Have some market analysis and judgment ability, good customer service awareness

5.There is a sense of responsibility, a strong sense of teamwork, able to work under pressure

Over 6 months 10 20-50 Negotiable
Webpage Designer

1.Have a strong art foundation and design level, has a unique design style, with 1 years working experience in design

2.Skilled use of 3D, PS, AI, CDR and other design software, has its own design style and good performance of the innovative concept of ability

3.Responsible, strong learning ability, has the team cooperation spirit, good understanding and communicate ability, the work is active and serious

More than 1 years 1 20-50 Negotiable
Web Programmer

1.More than two years of development of Web project experience, proficient in ASP / / PHP program design and development

2.Be familiar with smarty,JavaScript , Ajax,HTML XML、Web Service

3.With good programming style, active thinking

4.To participate in the integration planning, page and the realization of the code, maintaining the website, web site optimization function

5.Rich sense of responsibility and challenge spirit, ability to work independently, has the team cooperation spirit

More than 1 years 1 20-50 Negotiable
Assembly worker

1.Technical school or vocational school graduates

2.With related working experience is preferred

No requirement 10 20-50 Negotiable
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