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Xiazhou Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. according to the law of development of market economy, to explore, cultivate a good moral character, technical high quality, disciplined service team. The spirit of "customer satisfaction is our eternal commitment to customer profitability is our ultimate goal!" Service concept, they run around in the ends of the earth over many years, hard for users to solve problems, to allow customers to experience the Xiazhou products to buy both the Heart and rest assured!

1 pre

1.1 customers to Xiazhou ( queries need to know information.

1.2 customers via phone, fax, e-mail, to the Xiazhou sales department for more details Chau situation, or to the Xiazhou area distribution , distributor information.

1.3 communicate with each other after the Xiazhou will be at the agreed time professionals to provide more detailed information and technology solutions for customer references to confirm.

1.4 Customers may arrange for the nearest test Xiazhou product usage.

1.5 Xiazhou technician to the customer site to assist the investigation, design mine plan or the transformation of the old mine the feasibility of the program and provide timely reports.

2. Sale

2.1 Customers and distribution,agents directly to negotiate a contract or Xiazhou factory visits, negotiations, signing.

2.2 According to the contract requirements in ensuring quality, timely delivery, timely provision of mining equipment, basic floor plan and map, and timely answers to clients in the preparation of the technical problems encountered in the process.

2.3 To consignment agent. Safety Equipment delivered to the destination, send technical personnel to the scene to guide the installation, commissioning, training of operators, until the standards of production, customer satisfaction.

2.4 To provide mine "rules" sample, to help customers establish and improve mine management system.

3 sales

3.1 regular visits, to understand the use of equipment, crusher products to customers about new technologies, new trends.

3.2 warranty phone receiving the customer's fault, to provide solutions within an hour, to be sent within 48 hours, officers arrived at the scene to help row it up until the resumption of normal production.

3.3 To ensure the timely supply of spare parts customers.

3.4 Pairs using the Xiazhou Crusher user practice of lifelong service.