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Sand Maker

Sand Making for shaping stone, sand production is water and electricity, roads, cement, metal mining and other industries to produce high quality finished materials necessary equipment.
1、Breaking performance
2、High sand
3、Low consumption
4、Stable and reliable
5、Large capacity
6、Low noise
7、Easy maintenance
8、Low pin sheet
9、Less dust emissions
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Sand Maker

Description:The VSI crusher is used to shape stones or make sand. It is used to produce high-quality materials in areas of waterpower, road building, construction, cement.
        This series of crusher has adopted advanced technologies at home and abroad. The optimized design makes the operation and maintenance much easier.
        It is used to make sand, paving, and aggregate used to make asphalt concrete and cement concrete in construction, and produce ore powder in mining.

Composition:The crusher consists of a feed opening, a cone for delivering material, the impact liner, the rotor, the vertical shaft, the body, the discharge opening, the vortex chamber, the impeller, the base, the transmission and the motor.

Working principle:When materials enter into the machine, the separator will separate them into two parts. One of the two parts enters into the impeller which rotates at a high speed. The speed of the materials will be accelerated greatly. Afterwards, the materials will be thrown out through the 3 tunnels equipped evenly in the impeller at the speed of 60-70m/s and then crush with the liner which is formed by the materials in the chamber. After it, the materials will rebound from the liner and then rush onto the top of the vortex chamber obliquely. The materials ejecting from the chutes of the impeller form a screen. At last the materials will drop from the discharge opening after being crushed and grinded for several times.

Advantages :1.Reasonable structure and low operating cost. 2.High reduction ratio. 3.Energy-saving and environmentally friendly. 4.The humidity of materials has little influence on productivity. The highest humidity can reach 8%. 5.It is suitable to crush medium-hard/hard materials. 6.Finished products are in cubical shape and piles tightly. 7.There is little pollution from the iron and the powder. 8.The liner of the impeller is durable and easy to maintain. 9.The noise rate is under 75db.

Sand Making on-site operating plans
Sand Making on-site operating plans

Sand Making Specifications:

Model Max.Feed Edge
Rotor Diameter
Processing Capacity
Motor Power
Rotor Speed
Overall Dimensions
PL-700 30 700 20-60 55-90 1400-1850 6.85 4170×1982×2191
PL-850 40 850 80-130 110-132 1200-1450 14.2 5040×2250×2800
PL-1000 50 1000 120-180 132-160 1100-1200 16 5300×2280×2815
PL-1300 60 1300 180-300 160-200 900-1000 17.5 6250×2590×3234
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