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Vibratory Feeder

Vibratory Feeder is widely used in metallurgy, coal, mineral processing, building materials, chemicals, abrasives and other industries crushing and screening equipment.
Product advantages:
1.Smooth operation
2.Adjustable speed
3.Good continuity
4.Feeding convenient
7.Energy saving
8.Grate of the Robust
9.Sealing、and dust less
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Vibratory Feeder

Introduction:As an essential part in a complete plant for crushing and screening, the vibrating feeder is widely used in fields of metallurgy, minerals extraction, construction, chemical industries.
        Vibrating feeder, usually installed in front of the primary crusher, conveys large blocks of material into the crusher continuously. The coarse screening can be realized by adjusting the amount of the material, the vibration frequency and the conveying speed.
        In order to satisfy customers’ changing needs, our company has manufactured two modern models of feeders: GZD and ZSW.

Composition:It comprises the chute, the motor, the spring base, the transmission and the wear-resistant device.

Working Principle:The frame on the springs is forced to vibrate when the motor starts. Under the influence of the vibration, the material on the chute, moving and jumping forward gradually, is sentto the required places in the end.

Use:Newly designed by our company, the efficient feeder is an essential part in a complete plant for crushing and screening in fields of metallurgy, coal, mining, minerals extraction, construction, chemical, and aggregate industries.

Advantages:1.The volume can be controlled by adjusting the vibration generator. 2.The material is conveyed continuously and evenly. 3.High efficiency, large capacity, low power consumption. 4.The plates are durable and made from wear-resistant materials. 5.Small size, easy to operate, low operation and maintenance cost. 6.The chute is durable, and made from wear-proof and anti-erosion materials.

Vibratory Feeder product map
Vibratory Feeder product map

Vibrating Feeder Technical Data:

Model Max.feed edge
Processing capacity
Eccentric shaft speed
Motor power
Number of Motor Overall dimensions
Chute size
GZD-300×90 425 40-100   2×2.2 2 3307×1430×1450 2.55 900×3000
GZD-380×96 550 80-150   2×(3-3.7) 2 3870×1860×1190 3.24 960×3800
2GZD-380×96 550 80-160   2×5.5 2 3870×1500×1200 3.8 960×3800
GZZ-490×110 630 150-250 500-800 18.5 1 4900×1660×1420 5 1100×4800
GZZ-600×120 750 190-280 500-990 22 1 5950×1760×1420 6.6 1200×5800
ZSW-380×96 550 80-150 500-720 11 1 3882×1700×1350 4.36 960×3800
ZSW-490×110 630 120-280 500-800 15 1 4957×1850×1350 5.3 1100×4900
ZSW-590×110 700 200-350 500-800 22 1 6000×1840×1400 6.3 1100×5900
ZSW-600×130 750 400-560 500-800 22 1 6082×2000×1450 7.8 1300×6000
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